Designer Fragrance Premium Subscription

How It Works

Designer Fragrance Premium Subscription is an affordable and exciting way for members to try out an exquisite designer fragrances every month. Once you find your favorite fragrances, then you can order them in larger sizes. This save you from buying an item for a larger price only to find out that the aroma doesn't suit your fancy.

Step 1: Choose Your Subscription

Chose from one of out three (3) subscription packages, Designer Perfume, Designer Cologne or the super-saver Designer His & Hers. Once your order has been completed, one of our designers fragrance experts will send you a one month supply.  

Step 2: Monthly Deliveries

Sit back, relax and enjoy your fragrances as they arrive month after month with shipping being absolutely FREE. With over 8000 fragrance product in out stock pile, and uour meticulous record keeping, rest assured that no two months delivery will be the same.