EMME Complete Set - Cosmetic and Toiletries Travel Bags

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Lightweight, compartmentalized, stylish and high quality.  EMME and EMME Petite are the perfect travel bags.  Save room in your suitcase and easily see your make up and toiletries.

Can't decide which EMME Bag is right for you?  Would you like one for toiletries and the other for make up?  Or how about looking for a great gift option?  The EMME Combo Pack is just the answer!

This optimized design makes frequent travel simple — going through security at the airport has never been easier!

We sourced the highest quality nylons and non-toxic plastics to create this bag designed to lay flat in your suitcase, bring as many items as you need on your trip and last you for years.  Never again will you need to take multiple toiletry and cosmetic bags on your trips - The Original EMME Bag will simplify your traveling life so you can enjoy your time on the road!

The three panel design allows you to clearly see where all your items reside, while at the same time keeping them fresh and clean - safe from exploded bottles.

The zip-out design allows you to re-attach the liquids pouch at the hotel, leaving you extra room on the vanity and keeping all your toiletry items in one place. Hang it on the towel rack and everything is in sight.

The Original EMME Bag

Features premium quality expandable nylon bag; 7 interior pockets made of non-toxic PEVA plastic, 2 zip out pouches for liquids and other items and 12 TSA approved bottles with labels.  

The EMME Petite

Features premium quality expandable nylon bag; 6 interior pockets made of non-toxic PEVA plastic and 2 zip out pouches for liquids and other items.


Note: Free size,usually means size M,but it may fit  size S to L  because it's liberal design.




  How to Measure?



Measure under your arms around the fullest part of your bust.Make sure to keep the tape level.




Make sure the measuring tape fits comfortably as you measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist.




Stand with your feet together,and measure around the widest part of your hips.





How To Measure Your Chest?

Wrap the tape around the highest part of your chest and shoulder blades, and then drop your arms to your sides to measure.


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Bend arm and place on hip. Measure along the arm from the center back of your neck to your wrist.




How To Measure Your Waist?

Measure your narrowest part of your natural waist, above your belly button and below your ribcage.


Size US/EU/AU Size Chest(in) Neck(in) Waist(in) Chest(cm) Neck(cm) Waist(cm)
S 2XS 29.92 ~ 31.89 14.96 24.02 ~ 25.98 76 ~ 81 38 61 ~ 66
M XS 31.89 ~ 33.86 15.35 25.98 ~ 27.95 81 ~ 86 39 66 ~ 71
L S 33.86 ~ 35.83 15.75 27.95 ~ 29.92 86 ~ 91 40 71 ~ 76
XL M 35.83 ~ 37.80 16.14 29.92 ~ 31.89 91 ~ 96 41 76 ~ 81
2XL L 37.80 ~ 39.76 16.54 31.89 ~ 33.86 96 ~ 101 42 81 ~ 86
3XL XL 39.76 ~ 41.73 16.93 33.86 ~ 35.83 101 ~ 106 43 86 ~ 91
4XL 2XL 41.73 ~ 43.70 17.32 35.83 ~ 37.80 106 ~ 111 44 91 ~ 96